Asticosmic is a casual puzzle game where you move around circles to reach the exit of each levels.


Levels are separated in multiple layers you can switch between when you reach holes with your friendly worm, Asticosmic! It can't jump, but it can push crates and climb (some) obstacles to reach its goal! With its limited capacities and the stranges obstacles it'll find on its way, Asticosmic will need your brain to get out of these 5 levels. Go Asticosmic, you can do it!


Press left on your screen to go left, press right on your screen to go right. That's all! The game is simple to control and can be played by every age group.

The Team

Game Programming : Thomas Raulin - Raphael Da Costa - Romain Malka

Game Design : Julien Barlet - Romain de Leuze - Gaëtan Perré - Clément Navarro

Game Artists : Lilian Clairville - Gabriel Kenig


Download 41 MB

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